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Hillcountry Networks charges less than 5 US Dollars for most connections. The problem is that we are typically paid in Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) which have NO  fixed value, so we must constantly modify our rate structure to adjust for the falling value of the US FRN .

What is a USD or United States Dollar?  The historic definition of a "dollar" is 412.5 grains of standard ( 90% pure ) silver in coin form. The 412.5 grain figure was an average; the coin weighed 416 when minted. When, through wear and tear, its weight fell below 409 grains, it was no longer a dollar, but could be used in trade for a value in proportion to its weight. In general, banks culled out the worn coins and returned them to the mint to be recast. What a simple system!

You can still exchange FRNs for real US silver dollars. When we started our billing in 2001 you could exchange about 8 FRNs for a real US silver dollar. Today you have to pay about 18 FRNs for the same US silver dollar. 

In 2001 when you could use our internet service to work at home and save 5 gal of gas driving to work , you saved about $7.50 (FRNs) . Today avoiding that trip to work saves you about $15 (FRNs)

Your checks and credit cards actually transfer Federal Reserve Notes  ( FRNs) which have no fixed  redeemable value. So , again, we do accept real US Dollars . Our basic home rate  still costs 3 US Dollars, payable in the form of three round US silver Dollars.

Most of us paid into the Social Security system or into our retirement accounts in real Dollars but are being given SS checks ( if we are old enough ) or are given distributions from our retirement account in FRNs. Ron Paul calls this the inflation tax.

But inflation implies something is costing more. This is  Orwellian 'doublespeak", since it is the FRN getting less valuable , not goods and services inflating in value. A gallon of gas still can be bought today for less than a quarter of a US (actual silver) Dollar.

Ask your bank to pay you in real US Dollars as defined and enjoy their confusion as they attempt to locate any understandable definition of a dollar other than 412.5 grains of silver.

If you placed 100 bales of hay in a storage and when you came to reclaim your deposit were given a piece of paper saying that you had "some" hay in storage, that is what it is like to be given FRNs in payment for those dollars you placed in savings prior to 1971.


Since I know you have access to the internet, I suggest that you watch some of the great videos on or on the Google  video site that you can find by searching on Federal Reserve or Money and Banking.

25 cent a gallon gas









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